What do you do and Why your prospects care?

So let me ask, what do you do? If I asked you what you do, what would you tell me?

What do you do?

DefinitiveSalesFinal032513If you answered, “I am a financial planner,” or “I am an accountant,” or “I fix computers,” then you got it wrong. This is not what you do but how you do it.
People want to know what you do first before they want to know how you do it.

If you are a financial planner, here is what I would hope to hear: I help people make the right choices about their money? or I help them make wise money decisions?

People want to know what you do before they want to know how you do it.

I use financial planner as an example because I sat down with a financial planner a few years ago and this is where this question came from. I ask him “What do you do?” His answer: “I’m a financial planner.” And I’m thinking, “No, that’s not what you do it how you do it.”
I told him that “we are meeting because you obviously either want my money or you want an introduction to my client base, right? So tell me, what is it that you do that would give me a reason to give you my money or to introduce you to somebody?” I got blank look as an answer. I then asked him “Okay, let me ask you a question in a different way. What do your customers experience when they buy from you because that’s what you do?” He could not answer the question. I would have been hard pressed to purchase anything from him. He could not give me a reason why I should by from him.

Take six minutes and watch this video on why the answer to this question, “what do you do?” can make the difference between making a sales and leaving empty handed.

Ron Finklestein
Business Growth Facilitator
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It is Not Your Fault but it is Your Responsibility

Here is a short (one minute and 58 seconds) video where Ron Finklestein is discussing ownership and the role ownership play in creating personal and business empowerment. This is a short segment of a much longer program where Ron Finklestein was discussing the role our beliefs play and how our beliefs either help us or hurt us in achieving our goals. This presentation was given to the association American Association of Quality, Cleveland Chapter.

Take a minutes and see how this simple principle can and will change not only how you think and act but the results you achieve.

Ron Finklestein
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Short Videos on Business Achievement & Success

Several of my videos on business growth and achieving success have been posted on the World New and Report web site.

This is one place where you can view key videos. The videos and what we cover are listed below. As you can see all are less than 11 minutes (because I know how busy you are.)

Here is the link http://wn.com/rfinklestein

  • Behavior of Successful Business Owners 6:54
  • 7 Secrets to Overcoming Adversity in Business…10:54
  • Anatomy of a Sales Call…6:38
  • How to Grow Sales…9:49
  • What Business Owners Can Do To Grow Their Business…9:56
  • Hey! It is all about taking action…6:57
  • Why Intelligent Self-Interest is Critical to Your Success…5:28
  • Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective…5:50
  • Only a few ideas…3:39
  • Ownership and Empowerment…2:55
  • Measurable, Repeatable, Predictable…3:12
  • Persistence…3:29
  • Free and inexpensive marketing secrets that works – part 1…9:40
  • It is all about results

Revenue and Profit Enhancement Specialist
Ron Finklestein

Build Better Relationship, Grow Sales, Revenue and Profits

True profit and revenue growth comes from within, not form with out. What I mean is your personal growth in a large part drives your success. I learned that when I learned and applied The Platinum Rule in my own life. The Platinum Rule helped me create a great marriage and strong relationships with my children.

Because my personal experience has been so positive, I approached Dr. Alessandra about using this concept in all areas of business. I put together a DVD on The Platinum Rule (TPR).  TPR was created by Dr. Tony Alessandra. TPR is defined as Treating Others the Way They Want to be Treated.

In this video you not only learn TPR, you are shown how to apply what you learn. This DVD  will work for anyone trying to build better relationship, but the primary audience is small business owners who want an edge in sales or improvement in their marketing. Additional applications include building better relationships with their employees and significant others. Many of my clients use it to take the stress out of their relationships: with peers, family, customers, prospects, and employees.

Check it out here.

The material is based on a book I coauthored with Dr. Alessandra and Scott Zimmerman called The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery. The book focuses on the application of TPR in twelve areas of business. The DVD only cover TPR but the book covers the application of TPR in sales, marketing, customer services, IT, business process, and business planning to name just a few areas of application.

I invite you to check it out to how TPR DVD will help you with your business challenges.

Ron Finklestein
Revenue and Profit Enhancement Specialist

Why Should People Buy From You?

Why Should People Buy From You (or why do they buy at all?)

People buy for their own reasons. Here are two reasons that fits almost all situations:

1.       To Avoid Pain

2.       Create More Pleasure

If you are very concerned about what others think, you may be interested in the latest technology gadget. Buy buying the new gadget, you are moving into a pleasurable state of mind because you believe others will think you are cool.

Without getting overly complex, I believe people buy for only four reasons. People will avoid pain or create pleasure by knowing:

1.       You are the right decision

2.       You are the safe decision

3.       You make me more productive

4.       It appeals to my ego (how will I be perceived by others)

All four reasons specifically address the need to avoid pain and create more pleasure.

If they are convinced I am the right decision they do not worry about being wrong and taken advantage of.

If they are convinced I am a safe decision they do not have to fear negative outcomes of their decision.

If they are convinced I can help them be more productive (get what they want), they will embrace my solution because the pain they will experience by not achieving their goal.

If it appeals to their ego and they believe it will enhance their image and reputation, how could it be wrong? Look how good I look!

How do you determine why people will buy from you?

There are six question prospects want answered before they buy form you:

1. What Do You Do?

2. Why Are You Different?

3. Why Should My Prospects Care?

4. What Do You Do Better Than Anyone Else in the World?

5. Why is That Important to my Prospects?

6. Why Buy From Me?

Good selling! It will be much easier for you when you tell your prospects why they should buy from you instead of letting them figure it out for themselves.

Ron Finklestein

Consultant to Small Business Owner who Want Results
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More Tools to Increase Your Productivity and Effectiveness

This is the second post on tools I use to increase my effectiveness.

Today I want to talk about authorize.net and VEMMA.

Authorize.net is a web interface if you need to process credit cards online. I have been using authorize.net for many years without a single problem.

Their pricing structure varies depending on options: reoccurring payment, check processing via account clearing house (ACH) and a variety of other options.

To my knowledge they do not provide credit cards only the online interface.

The other product I use is VEMMA.

Vemma is a nutritional supplement that I take daily. I find I am feeling better. I tested this product out over several months and even flew to Arizona to visit with the company president. Before Vemma I was in a good deal of pain. This was from years of running and martial arts training. I just hurt.  After 30 days taking Vemma I notice the pain was gone. I stopped taking Vemma to see if the pain returned. It did. I started taking Vemma again to see if the pain stopped. It did. I know have my wife and some business associates taking it because of the overall benefits. If you take supplements or if you are concerned about taking the right supplements then check out Vemma. My productivity and effective has increase because I have more stamina and I am thinking clearer. Here is the link: VEMMA

One more product next week.

To your success,

Ron Finklestein


Top 10 Time Wasters – And How to Avoid Them

I found this post at http://www.yourbusinesscoach.net/143-how-to-avoid-the-top-10-time-wasters.htm

Sometimes you find a post that is worth sharing. This is one.

If you find you do not have enough time, maybe the reason is documented in this article.

Ron Finklestein

Tools to Improve Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity

Improve Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity

Today I want to write about something different:Tools I used within my own business, that are effective for me. Tools I have shared with my clients.

I do this because there are so many tools and many are effective and many are not. I hope to shorten your learning curve and help you increase your effectiveness and productivity.

Here we go.

EverNote: Evernote is a tool to capture data and information and organization it in a way useful to you. I have not used it long but what I really like is that it runs on all the platforms I use (ipad, PC and android). When I enter some data or action item it syncs with the other platforms. This allows me to stop worrying about what tool I am using that day. The info is on all platforms. I take notes with my clients using my ipad and I access the info from my phone when my ipad is not with me. I can also access it on my PC when I have lots of work to do. The investment is free (with some minor limitations – otherwise $45/year.) Well worth the time to check this out: www.evernote.com.

World Ventures: I have been involved with World Ventures for several months. World Ventures is a travel/vacation web site with some of the best prices on the web. I subscribe to this for three reasons:
1. I want to travel more and I need to make travel a priority
2. I do business travel and I get paid when I make my reservation through my web portal http://akris.rovia.com. You get your own web portal when you sign up.
3. My clients get stressed from running a business. I will send them dream trips so they can get away. We sometimes get too involved in our business and we need time away. These dream trip vacations are priced are really low. If you are looking for a business this could be the one.

(NOTE: this is one of the businesses I expect to be involved in after I retire to stay young.) http://akris.worldventures.biz/. Call me if you have questions. My contact info is below. It is a membership site and costs do very depending on your options. Check it out http://akris.worldventures.biz or book your travel here: http://akris.rovia.com.

What I am finding it that business owners are making the investment in the site to help offset travel expenses for business travel and making the dream vacation portal available to employees to improve employee morale.

The next post will cover some additional tools.

Your Business Coach
Ron Finklestein

Getting Results Through Friendly Persuasion

As a business coach who facilitates many different advisory boards with many different type of behavior styles I found using The Platinum Rule to be the most effective way of dealing with others. The Platinum Rule is defined as treating others the way they want to be treated.

The Platinum Rule is documented in an eBook for you readers and in a video for you visual learners.

The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery is based on The Platinum Rule® was created by Dr. Tony Alessandra and is based on “4 behavioral styles.”

For some of you, the “4 styles” model of human behavior is a new concept. However, many of you have probably run across this concept on more than one occasion. “Behavioral styles,” “personality types” and “temperament types” are methodologies that have been around for many, many years.

People have been fascinated with studying behavioral styles for thousands of years. Starting with the early astrologers, theorists have sought to identify these behavioral styles. In ancient Greece, for example, the physician Hippocrates outlined four temperaments: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic, and Choleric… more than four decades before the birth of Christ. In 1921, famed psychologist Carl Jung (the first to study personal styles scientifically) labeled people as Intuitors, Thinkers, Feelers, and Sensors. Since then, psychologists have produced more than a dozen models of behavioral differences, some with sixteen or more possible blends. Some teachers have drawn metaphors (as teaching aids) to birds, animals, or even colors. Nevertheless, a common thread throughout the centuries is groupings of human behavior in four categories.

Many of the concepts discussed here book are based upon the proven concepts described in Dr. Tony Alessandra’s, Scott Zimmerman and Ron Finklestein’s book call The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery (eBook).

The Golden Rule-and many people aspire to live by it “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule implies the basic assumption that other people would like to be treated the way that you would like to be treated. We know this is not true.

The alternative to the Golden Rule is the Platinum Rule: “Treat others the way they want to be treated.”

What a difference. The Platinum Rule accommodates the feelings of others. The focus of relationships shifts from “this is what I want, so I’ll give everyone the same thing” to “let me first understand what they want and then I’ll give it to them.”

There are four behavioral styles the Director, Socializer, Thinker and Relater. As you read the description of each style, try to visualize someone who exhibits behavior specific to each style. Ask yourself whether you would have been a more successful with them had you adapted your behavior to match their style.

Directors… The Great Initiators

Directors initiate change, momentum and growth. They focus on attaining their goals, and their key need is to achieve their bottom-line results. The driving need for results, combined with their motto of “Lead, follow, or get out of the way,” explains their no-nonsense, direct approach to getting things accomplished.

Directors are driven by an inner need to be in personal control. They want to take charge of situations so they can be sure of attaining their goals.

Socializers… The Great Talkers

Socializers are the great talkers because they are friendly, enthusiastic and like to be where the action is. They thrive on admiration, acknowledgment, compliments and applause. They want to have fun and enjoy life. Energetic and fast-paced, Socializers tend to place more priority on relationships than on tasks. They influence others by their optimistic, friendly demeanor and they focus primarily on attaining positive approval from others.

Thinkers… The Great Analyzers

Thinkers are analytical, persistent and systematic problem solvers. They are more concerned with logic and content than style. Thinkers prefer involvement with products and services under specific, controlled, predictable conditions so they can continue to perfect the performance, process, and results.

Relaters… The Great Helpers

Relaters are warm, supportive and predictable. They are the most group-oriented of the four styles. Having friendly, lasting, first name relationships with others is one of their most important desires. They dislike interpersonal conflict so much that when they disagree, they will often keep silent. At other times, they may say what they think other people want to hear. They have natural counseling tendencies and are supportive of other people’s feelings, ideas and goals. Other people usually feel comfortable interacting with Relaters because of their low-key, non-confrontational nature. Relaters are natural listeners and like to be part of networks of people who share common interests.

To Friendly Persuasion in Business

Ron Finklestein

Solopreneurs and Small Business Owner: Business Growth Seminar

Are you trying to grow sales and you feel stuck? Do you feel your business runs you instead of you running it? Do need someone to help you but you do not have a lot of money and time to waste on long-term, nonproductive meetings. You want help but you don’t know who to trust? Are you tired of going it alone? If you answered yes to any of these questions please read on.

Who Should Attend

1. Business owners with 10 or less employees
2. Home based business owners
3. Professionals who must sell themselves

Why You Should Attend
1. Learn and understand the six questions every prospect wants answered about you and your company before they buy from you
2. Understand the nine behaviors successful people implement daily (and why they are important to your success)
3. Learn and address the one critical issue all business owners must address in marketing their business
4. See if you business is at risk. Learn the top 8 reasons a business fails and how to avoid this situation

What Your Will Learn
1. How to increase sales
2. How to change your behavior to get the desired results
3. Why your peers are essential element in your success
4. How to think differently about your business
5. Why personal and professional growth are requirements of business success

Presenter: Ronald Finklestein, President of RPF GROUP INC., is an international author, speaker, business coach & consultant and facility member with dailysuccessstream.com. Ron has published three books:
• 49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales
• The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery
• Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective.

9/8/10 (Registration is require and attendance is limited to 10 business owners)
http://ssmab002.eventbrite.com/ 7:45 AM to 10 AM Canton, Ohio
http://www.eventbrite.com/event/812568414 1:30 – 3:30 PM – Fairlawn, Ohio
9/9/10 (Registration is require and attendance is limited to 10 business owners)
http://www.eventbrite.com/event/812623579 1:30- 3:30 PM – Fairlawn, Ohio

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