Build Better Relationship, Grow Sales, Revenue and Profits

True profit and revenue growth comes from within, not form with out. What I mean is your personal growth in a large part drives your success. I learned that when I learned and applied The Platinum Rule in my own life. The Platinum Rule helped me create a great marriage and strong relationships with my children.

Because my personal experience has been so positive, I approached Dr. Alessandra about using this concept in all areas of business. I put together a DVD on The Platinum Rule (TPR).  TPR was created by Dr. Tony Alessandra. TPR is defined as Treating Others the Way They Want to be Treated.

In this video you not only learn TPR, you are shown how to apply what you learn. This DVD  will work for anyone trying to build better relationship, but the primary audience is small business owners who want an edge in sales or improvement in their marketing. Additional applications include building better relationships with their employees and significant others. Many of my clients use it to take the stress out of their relationships: with peers, family, customers, prospects, and employees.

Check it out here.

The material is based on a book I coauthored with Dr. Alessandra and Scott Zimmerman called The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery. The book focuses on the application of TPR in twelve areas of business. The DVD only cover TPR but the book covers the application of TPR in sales, marketing, customer services, IT, business process, and business planning to name just a few areas of application.

I invite you to check it out to how TPR DVD will help you with your business challenges.

Ron Finklestein
Revenue and Profit Enhancement Specialist