What do you do and Why your prospects care?

So let me ask, what do you do? If I asked you what you do, what would you tell me?

What do you do?

DefinitiveSalesFinal032513If you answered, “I am a financial planner,” or “I am an accountant,” or “I fix computers,” then you got it wrong. This is not what you do but how you do it.
People want to know what you do first before they want to know how you do it.

If you are a financial planner, here is what I would hope to hear: I help people make the right choices about their money? or I help them make wise money decisions?

People want to know what you do before they want to know how you do it.

I use financial planner as an example because I sat down with a financial planner a few years ago and this is where this question came from. I ask him “What do you do?” His answer: “I’m a financial planner.” And I’m thinking, “No, that’s not what you do it how you do it.”
I told him that “we are meeting because you obviously either want my money or you want an introduction to my client base, right? So tell me, what is it that you do that would give me a reason to give you my money or to introduce you to somebody?” I got blank look as an answer. I then asked him “Okay, let me ask you a question in a different way. What do your customers experience when they buy from you because that’s what you do?” He could not answer the question. I would have been hard pressed to purchase anything from him. He could not give me a reason why I should by from him.

Take six minutes and watch this video on why the answer to this question, “what do you do?” can make the difference between making a sales and leaving empty handed.

Ron Finklestein
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Short Videos on Business Achievement & Success

Several of my videos on business growth and achieving success have been posted on the World New and Report web site.

This is one place where you can view key videos. The videos and what we cover are listed below. As you can see all are less than 11 minutes (because I know how busy you are.)

Here is the link http://wn.com/rfinklestein

  • Behavior of Successful Business Owners 6:54
  • 7 Secrets to Overcoming Adversity in Business…10:54
  • Anatomy of a Sales Call…6:38
  • How to Grow Sales…9:49
  • What Business Owners Can Do To Grow Their Business…9:56
  • Hey! It is all about taking action…6:57
  • Why Intelligent Self-Interest is Critical to Your Success…5:28
  • Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective…5:50
  • Only a few ideas…3:39
  • Ownership and Empowerment…2:55
  • Measurable, Repeatable, Predictable…3:12
  • Persistence…3:29
  • Free and inexpensive marketing secrets that works – part 1…9:40
  • It is all about results

Revenue and Profit Enhancement Specialist
Ron Finklestein

Why Should People Buy From You?

Why Should People Buy From You (or why do they buy at all?)

People buy for their own reasons. Here are two reasons that fits almost all situations:

1.       To Avoid Pain

2.       Create More Pleasure

If you are very concerned about what others think, you may be interested in the latest technology gadget. Buy buying the new gadget, you are moving into a pleasurable state of mind because you believe others will think you are cool.

Without getting overly complex, I believe people buy for only four reasons. People will avoid pain or create pleasure by knowing:

1.       You are the right decision

2.       You are the safe decision

3.       You make me more productive

4.       It appeals to my ego (how will I be perceived by others)

All four reasons specifically address the need to avoid pain and create more pleasure.

If they are convinced I am the right decision they do not worry about being wrong and taken advantage of.

If they are convinced I am a safe decision they do not have to fear negative outcomes of their decision.

If they are convinced I can help them be more productive (get what they want), they will embrace my solution because the pain they will experience by not achieving their goal.

If it appeals to their ego and they believe it will enhance their image and reputation, how could it be wrong? Look how good I look!

How do you determine why people will buy from you?

There are six question prospects want answered before they buy form you:

1. What Do You Do?

2. Why Are You Different?

3. Why Should My Prospects Care?

4. What Do You Do Better Than Anyone Else in the World?

5. Why is That Important to my Prospects?

6. Why Buy From Me?

Good selling! It will be much easier for you when you tell your prospects why they should buy from you instead of letting them figure it out for themselves.

Ron Finklestein

Consultant to Small Business Owner who Want Results
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More Tools to Increase Your Productivity and Effectiveness

This is the second post on tools I use to increase my effectiveness.

Today I want to talk about authorize.net and VEMMA.

Authorize.net is a web interface if you need to process credit cards online. I have been using authorize.net for many years without a single problem.

Their pricing structure varies depending on options: reoccurring payment, check processing via account clearing house (ACH) and a variety of other options.

To my knowledge they do not provide credit cards only the online interface.

The other product I use is VEMMA.

Vemma is a nutritional supplement that I take daily. I find I am feeling better. I tested this product out over several months and even flew to Arizona to visit with the company president. Before Vemma I was in a good deal of pain. This was from years of running and martial arts training. I just hurt.  After 30 days taking Vemma I notice the pain was gone. I stopped taking Vemma to see if the pain returned. It did. I started taking Vemma again to see if the pain stopped. It did. I know have my wife and some business associates taking it because of the overall benefits. If you take supplements or if you are concerned about taking the right supplements then check out Vemma. My productivity and effective has increase because I have more stamina and I am thinking clearer. Here is the link: VEMMA

One more product next week.

To your success,

Ron Finklestein


Homeless-to-25th Wealthiest American (amazing story)

I have never made this kind of opportunity available to my reader. I am not sure I will again. I believe this story is so compelling that I want you hear to hear first hand how someone took themselves from eating out of trash bins and living under a bridge to becoming a billionaire.

Let me cut to the chase, because time is of the essence.

 During the last government bailout of banks (the Savings & Loan crisis) my friend, Bill Bartmann, went from bankruptcy-to-billionaire.

 He’s lived what is arguably the most astounding “rags to riches” story in U.S. history. Who else have you ever heard of going from homeless teenage alcoholic high school drop-out, to the 25th wealthiest American???

Most important and relevant to you, the business opportunity that made Bill wealthy beyond belief is now back with a vengeance after being dormant for more than 10 years. Even better, this same opportunity is now available to individuals who know about it and how to take advantage.

This coming Thursday Bill will be my guest on a special invitation only webinar. During our hour together, Bill will share how he accomplished what he did and he will make major announcement to make that for some on the call will be life altering.

In addition, Bill has agreed to explain the specifics of how you can make money from this “down” economy (while helping others). He’s someone to pay attention to, because in one year during a similar “bad” economy, he amassed $182 million dollars in personal earnings.

Interested? Here’s how to get registered:


The Billionaire Nobody Knows: The Astounding Story of How Bill Bartmann Went from Bankrupt-to-Billionaire During the Last Banking Crisis and how he’s doing it again today (this time with partners like you!)

Date: Thursday, August 5th

Time: 2:00 PM EDT/1:00 PM CDT/12:00 PM MDT/11:00 AM PDT

Limit: 1000 attendees (first come, first served)


Or go to http://bit.ly/ronandbill

See you on Thursday Aug 5th!

Ron Finklestein

P.S.  While I promise you will leave this program motivated and also likely with a new path to wealth, I unfortunately can’t accommodate everyone. Our service provider limit is 1000, so if you want to be included go to http://bit.ly/ronandbill right now and get registered. And please exercise the professional courtesy to not take up a spot that someone else would want if you’re not going to definitely attend. Thanks so much!

P.S. Because we all busy please take action now. This webinar fills quickly. I do not plan to send out another notice. If you are interested and cannot make this date and time, please register so you will receive notification of the replay date and time.   

The One Degree Difference – Change our Thinking, Change Your Life!

The One Degree Difference
Here is a short 13 minute video that discusses the One Degree Difference and how to implement in your life.
Learn how the one degree difference can change your life easily and effectively.

Comments welcome.

The One Degree Difference @ Yahoo! Video
Ron Finklestein
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Tough Times for Business

I found this great conference and I want to share some of what I am learning. I am including a link at the bootom of the page if you want to learn more.

We’re going to talk about the recession and some tips we’ve found work well for retooling the business in these tough times. These are some really great tips!


Now is the time to get rid of employees and hire freelancers and other professionals online or around your city. Labor is a fixed cost but with the variety of outsourcing options you can change those fixed costs and save you money over the long term.

Excess expenses

Now is the time to look at office space, memberships, internet usage and a top down examination of every single expense looking ways to save money. While they may seem elementary sometimes we forget the simple things. If you have already done this step then you should re-evaluate some things you didn’t sacrifice the first time.  If you can’t sacrifice anything else then that’s the perfect transition to my next point.

Free Internet Marketing

There are plenty of free ways to market yourself online now and the nice thing is that they are accessible to everyone. Using facebook, social bookmarking, twitter, and other technologies is a great way to get new customers, network with other professionals and much more. The other great thing is that at the conference you will learn how to effectively use these tools in your business.

In short these tips should get you started on getting your business ship-shape for the recession. One the best things you can do for your business is attend the Thrive Super Conference. You will go home with notes methods and a variety of new technologies that will catapult your business forward.

If you want more free tips and to learn more about the conference read our blog:



Your Business Coach

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Marketing to Four Generations Working Side by Side

It is all about Marketing, expecially to the Four Generations now Working Side by Side.

I was watching Terri Murphy (www.ilearingglobal.biz/ronf) discuss the communications stlyes of the different age groups. According to Terri Murphy, there has been no other time in history where we have four generations working side by side. All required different communication style when you are marketing.

The Civic group is ages 61 and up. They demand respect. For effective communications, they like written or spoken communications and consider texting rude.
Baby Boomers, ages 44-60, likes long lasting relationships, stability, respect, and will delay gratification to get what they want. They tend to focus on team goals. For effective communications, they prefer email communication. Some will use texting but overall they tend to avoid texting.

Gen Xers, ages 32-43, are into personal gratification, like a sense of community. They are the original latch key children. They are independent and like change. For effective communications,, They like you to speak their language get right to the point.  They want you be supportive in action and words.
Gen Yers, ages 14 – 31, are confident, like technology and like to use technology for community building. This age group prefers text message, like 24×7 self service web sites and they are not brand loyal. They like a good price and good buying experience. For effective communications,, it is all about them. They prefer non-traditions work policy.

It is interesting that some new marketing tactics is direct marketing to the cell phone via text messaging. The yourg generations loves this concept. Many of the older adults I talked with find it to be another unwanted intrusion into their personal space.

What do you think?

Ron Finklestein
You are the action you take
Business Coach

Dr. Phil or Napoleon Hill! (or just schizophrenic)

I am starting to get develop an identity crisis. My client’s have started calling me the Dr. Phil of business coaching because of the tough love and my no excuse approach to business coaching. 


I recently published my fourth book called Nine Principles to Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective. A gentleman from New York read the book and called me up and he said “You are the new Napoleon Hill!” I was totally unprepared for his comments. 


I said: “Thank You. But want do you mean?” 


He started to going into details about my last book as he talked about how I took the materials in Think and Grow Rich to a whole new level. 


Needless to say, I am flattered. Who would not be flatter when being mentioned in the same sentence with Napoleon Hill and Dr. Phil. But let me be clear. I am only doing what I love: learning and sharing what I have learned. I do not what to confuse anyone, claim an identity that is not me or appear schizophrenic. I care deeply about my client’s success and I believe I need to stay ahead of them so I can continue to add value.  Some of the people who have impacted me the most, almost no one knows about. These are people who are my Business Mastery Advisory Board. Yes, I practice what I preach. Many of the concepts I write about hit my Advisory Board first, my client’s second and my blog third. 


The book Nine Principles for inspired Action took six years to research, test and write and it is the results of studying over 500 success small business owners (and many who were not successful). I chose small business because there has been much research done of very successful people but little that distills the behavior of the common man into action items that can be implemented immediately. The funny thing about this book is that it was never intended to be a book. I did this research for me and my clients, to help them and me be more successful. I want to continue to grow and prosper and get results. 


After I understood and distilled what I learned, I build several coaching programs to test drive these concepts. The results were powerful. So powerful that on one of my coaching programs I now offer a 100% guarantee. Simply put, if you do not recover the entire cost of the program I will refund the difference. I can do that because the clients who followed the process get results; those who did not follow the process do not get the results. All I did was formalize what they were already achieving in a measurable, repeatable and predictable way. 


My goal is to reach one million people with the concepts in this book. I am so passionate about this goal that I am giving away my methodology to any business coach, management consultant, small business owner or business executive that are looking for a way to get results, grow their business and generate more money. There is a catch though. You have to be trained in the process. The training is very affordably because I want interested parties to have some skin in the games so I know they are serious.


If you are someone who wants to achieve results, pick up the book. It is available on amazon.com. After you read the book, post your comments on Amazon so others can benefit from your efforts. I know some of the concepts in the book are controversial and will not be well received by some people. I am ok with that, because success, in today’s day and age requires us to think differently.


If you want to learn more about using my methodology in your business call me at 330-990-0788. I will answer any questions you have. 


Ron Finklestein

The Dr. Phil of Business Coaches or The Next Napoleon Hill, you choose





Shortening my Path to Success.

I recently completed an offsite with my Business Mastery Advisory Board. I think of this as shortening my path to success. 


We do these once a year with members who see the value in spending time working on their business to get ready for the next year, ask for help in clarifying issues that hold us back, solicit objective feedback on issues that are important to us and create deeper, more meaningful relationships. 


I am always reluctant to take 2 full days away, not including the prep time required, but after I attend one of these events, I see things so much clearer. I have 20 pages of notes and I recorded much of the weekend so others can listen to their working sessions. These recording are so powerful because we receive so much useful info it is impossible to take notes and capture everything. The recording allow us to review this info at a more leisurely pace so we can be total present and really hear what was said. 


These weekends are especially valuable because the people who attend typically play all out in providing feedback: the good, the bad, the ugly. All this is necessary to move forward in whatever our chosen endeavors.


I formed these Business Mastery Advisory Boards and participate in them because they are necessary. We are so close to ourselves that we cannot see our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possibilities with this feedback.


The principles that drive the Business Mastery Advisory Boards are documented in the book Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective. It is available on www.amazon.com. Since this book is just being released, my goal in attending the weekend retreat was to ask for help in how I can get these principles into the hands of over one million people. This is a big harry audacious goal I set because I have seen and experience the positive impact these principles had on me and my members of my boards. 


We spent almost two hours working on this and came up with 100 possible ideas. It is now my opportunity to filter through this content and figure out what will work. That is 100 more ideas then I had going into the weekend. If you do not think two hours is much time, try drinking from a fire hose; because that is what is was like. If you have not experienced six high powered thinkers, who see things differently, who are willing to share their knowledge for your benefit and success, with no hidden agenda, then you have missed something powerful. 


For the other members, we helped with strategy and business development issues, operational issues, family and life issues and launching a new business. Strategies were created, action items suggested, alliances formed, accountability partners created and results measured (we went back to last years’ accountability items to see what changed or was left unfinished). 


Because of privacy and confidential issues I will not share more. One of the rules is 100% confidentially. 


If you want to learn more about how a Business Mastery Advisory Board can help you grow, prosper and get results through purposeful action, give me a call.


Ron Finklestein