What some current and past members say about The Advisory Board:

I wanted to thank you for having the confidence in me to be a facilitator for the advisory board. I have to tell you. I really didn’t understand the brilliance of the platinum rule and the nine principals until I have worked with you in the last two weeks.


I am truly amazed at what I have learned. You are one of the true masters at their trade. I have interviewed Chet Homes, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, Bob Proctor to name a few, and I got to tell you Ron, what you have put in place in some awesome stuff, you rank with the best.


I am extremely honored to able to be a part of it.  I will carry out what you have put into place and serve the process with my best. Thank you for your guidance, friendship and making me better today than I was yesterday. Dale Stefancic

“I met this master ‘maven’ (a la ‘The Tipping Point’) a few years ago. Attended one of his first book’s first book signings and have stayed in touch over the years via coffee breaks, emails and the phone. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation delivered on his “One Degree Difference” program. Simply amazing. It challenged some very decidedly wrongheaded thinking on my part. The scales fell away! If you can attend one of his presentations, I cannot image that anyone would come away disappointed. Warning: in order to make some much needed breakthroughs, Ron might use ‘tough love’ to get your attention. He does ask permission to do so, and I personally react favorably to learning where my thinking is less than thorough or less than crisp and critical. It helps me address change faster than my competition. Therefore, I am pleased to call him a colleague and a mentor.” Jeff “SKI” Kinsey

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.  It means a lot to me.  I was inspired and motivated after Tuesday seminar and took action.  I did not fire the client but I did lay the ground rules that we both can agree on and I raised my fees to an amount that we both are happy with. Thanks again for all your help, I feel truly honored to have someone like you in my corner.  Your guidance and support gives me that extra advantage to be a better business partner with my clients and a better person over all.” Litsa V. Accountant

“This group is demonstrably the most beneficial resource for unlimited personal and professional growth that I have found in over two decades of searching. I created new products, learned to market them differently, and created long lasting friendships. My return on investment has easily been in excess of 500%!” Al P., Business Services and Training

“As a result of learning to think differently, we repackaged our product, redesigned our brochure and increased gross revenues by over $10K with fewer customers. I would recommend the Advisory Board for all small business owners.” Dallas W., Photography

“I had my best month ever. We increased revenues and I “found” two hours every day by using what I learned in The Entrepreneur’s Advisory Board. My return on investment has been easily 150% or more.” Derry S., Business Services

“The Entrepreneur’s Advisory Board has easily paid for itself. We gained seven new customers by getting focused on our core products and services. We reduce the time it took in one business process by 8X and we totally automated another process.  Not to sound all ‘psychobabbly’ – but not only do things run smoother that way, but I feel better when things are systematized.  I am not always wondering, ‘Well, now what do we do?’”
Jared S., Information Technology

“This is the only meeting each month that I will not miss.”  –  Jeff N., Legal Profession

“I increased my revenues by 24% within six months of joining this program.” – Dave V., Finance

“People need to experience this and know how good it feels to get this kind of help.”  Don P., Marketing

“It is like Alcoholics Anonymous for the business owner.  I can come in and discuss all my problems, mistakes, challenges and opportunities and get positive, constructive feedback.  I walk out of each meeting feeling great.”  –  Richard H., Management Consulting and Turnaround Specialist

Ron Finklestein