Homeless-to-25th Wealthiest American (amazing story)

I have never made this kind of opportunity available to my reader. I am not sure I will again. I believe this story is so compelling that I want you hear to hear first hand how someone took themselves from eating out of trash bins and living under a bridge to becoming a billionaire.

Let me cut to the chase, because time is of the essence.

 During the last government bailout of banks (the Savings & Loan crisis) my friend, Bill Bartmann, went from bankruptcy-to-billionaire.

 He’s lived what is arguably the most astounding “rags to riches” story in U.S. history. Who else have you ever heard of going from homeless teenage alcoholic high school drop-out, to the 25th wealthiest American???

Most important and relevant to you, the business opportunity that made Bill wealthy beyond belief is now back with a vengeance after being dormant for more than 10 years. Even better, this same opportunity is now available to individuals who know about it and how to take advantage.

This coming Thursday Bill will be my guest on a special invitation only webinar. During our hour together, Bill will share how he accomplished what he did and he will make major announcement to make that for some on the call will be life altering.

In addition, Bill has agreed to explain the specifics of how you can make money from this “down” economy (while helping others). He’s someone to pay attention to, because in one year during a similar “bad” economy, he amassed $182 million dollars in personal earnings.

Interested? Here’s how to get registered:


The Billionaire Nobody Knows: The Astounding Story of How Bill Bartmann Went from Bankrupt-to-Billionaire During the Last Banking Crisis and how he’s doing it again today (this time with partners like you!)

Date: Thursday, August 5th

Time: 2:00 PM EDT/1:00 PM CDT/12:00 PM MDT/11:00 AM PDT

Limit: 1000 attendees (first come, first served)


Or go to http://bit.ly/ronandbill

See you on Thursday Aug 5th!

Ron Finklestein

P.S.  While I promise you will leave this program motivated and also likely with a new path to wealth, I unfortunately can’t accommodate everyone. Our service provider limit is 1000, so if you want to be included go to http://bit.ly/ronandbill right now and get registered. And please exercise the professional courtesy to not take up a spot that someone else would want if you’re not going to definitely attend. Thanks so much!

P.S. Because we all busy please take action now. This webinar fills quickly. I do not plan to send out another notice. If you are interested and cannot make this date and time, please register so you will receive notification of the replay date and time.   


  1. I am SO there!

  2. We all have, at one time or another, experienced some less that attractive outcomes. The reality is how we respond to them.