Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go

I was listening to Jim Britt on www.ilearningglobal.biz/ronf conduct a short training video on The Power of Letting Go.

Britt talks about not about your going after what you want but what you become. He uses happiness as an example. He addresses the question: How do you become happy?
He suggests the unhappiness is a learned behavior and we can change this behavior by letting go. 

We must let go of the behaviors that are m aking us unhappy. This will allow up to replace them with behaviors that will allow us to be happy. 

He discusses four steps to letting go:

Intention – Create the Intention to let go

Willingness – Be willing to let go

Commitment – Make a commitment to let go

Self observation – Pay attention to your thoughts, language, and behaviors and ask yourself how your thoughts, language and behaviors are supporting your unhappiness.

For self observation he suggests letting go of the thoughts that bring unhappiness.

For self observation he suggests use language that supports what you want to achieve or become.

For self observation he suggests use behavior that supports what you want to become.

These three actions allow you to let go by letting you disconnect from the problem.

He concluded by saying a “Belief is not something that has latched on to us but something we have latched on to.”

The only thing I would like to add is that we must it would be easier if we define what kinds of actions, behaviors, thoughts and sentence we would like to speak so we can focus on what we want, not on what we don want.

To Your Continued Success,

Ron Finklestein