Marketing to Four Generations Working Side by Side

It is all about Marketing, expecially to the Four Generations now Working Side by Side.

I was watching Terri Murphy ( discuss the communications stlyes of the different age groups. According to Terri Murphy, there has been no other time in history where we have four generations working side by side. All required different communication style when you are marketing.

The Civic group is ages 61 and up. They demand respect. For effective communications, they like written or spoken communications and consider texting rude.
Baby Boomers, ages 44-60, likes long lasting relationships, stability, respect, and will delay gratification to get what they want. They tend to focus on team goals. For effective communications, they prefer email communication. Some will use texting but overall they tend to avoid texting.

Gen Xers, ages 32-43, are into personal gratification, like a sense of community. They are the original latch key children. They are independent and like change. For effective communications,, They like you to speak their language get right to the point.  They want you be supportive in action and words.
Gen Yers, ages 14 – 31, are confident, like technology and like to use technology for community building. This age group prefers text message, like 24×7 self service web sites and they are not brand loyal. They like a good price and good buying experience. For effective communications,, it is all about them. They prefer non-traditions work policy.

It is interesting that some new marketing tactics is direct marketing to the cell phone via text messaging. The yourg generations loves this concept. Many of the older adults I talked with find it to be another unwanted intrusion into their personal space.

What do you think?

Ron Finklestein
You are the action you take
Business Coach