Products I Use & Endorse

To Improve my Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity I use the following tools:

Shopping Cart Software

After a long and exhaustive process I settled on Premium Web Cart, for a variety of reasons:

1. The price is in line with other products
2. The support is outstanding. 10 minutes after signing up I got a call asking if I needed some help. I was assigned my own customer service rep. I just pick up the phone and call and I get my answers. I love the responsiveness.
3. The product is feature rich. I have many features to implement and I am excited about the opportunity this software affords me

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Ever Note: Ever note is a tool to capture data and information and organization it in a way useful to you. I have not used it long but what I really like is that it runs on all the platforms I use (ipad, PC and android). When I enter some data or action item it syncs with the other platforms. This allows me to stop worrying about what tool I am using that day. The info is on all platforms. I take notes with my clients using my ipad and I access the info from my phone when my ipad is not with me. I can also access it on my PC when I have lots of work to do. The investment is free (with some minor limitations – otherwise $45/year.) Well worth the time to check this out: