Learning from Failure

I coach many small business owners and they know what they need to do but they just are not doing the necessary action. 


The reason for not doing the work is simply: “I do not know how.” 


I find this to be a lazy reason from not doing something. When I ask them to commit they say I will try. LISTEN UP LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! There is no trying. There is only doing. In this economy we need action that leads to purposeful results, not action that leads to trying.


The client I am speaking of needs a clearly defined, measurable, repeatable and predictable sales process. She knows that, I know that, her advisory board knows that. After three months she has not even started.


She talks about quality of her product and the value her company provides but she cannot define either in a way that allows the customer to understand, in a way she can understand. If you cannot define it you cannot do it or achieve it – it is that simple. 


She does not have to know how to do it, all she as to do is start doing something. Building the kinds of processes I am talking about requires documenting what you do now. If you do not know what you are doing, make something up and start doing it. 


After you try it a few times, you begin to see what works and the types of questions you are being asked. Document them. When new objections are raised, document me the objection and the correct response. 


Begin learning from your mistakes. 


Success is nothing more the learning to fail forward. If you run your sales call one way and do not get the desired results, change it and try it again. Find out what works and document it so you can teach others. Being a success is not rocket science but it does require you to stop shooting from the hip. Plan your shot, take aim, become aware of the wind conditions, take a deep breath to get steady and pull the trigger. 


Ron Finklestein