Goal Setting

Several of my associates are using www.iLearingglobal.biz/ronf to help them with their personal and business growth. Below is an unedited email from one of them. I thought I would share it because this training works and works well.    

I got a lot out of the “Goal Setting” section; took some notes that might encourage others to get into the material.  There’s some good stuff there! Paul Martinelli:

  • You have to use your imagination, not reasoning when setting goals.
  • the reason we set a goal is not to GET something, but to BECOME something.
  • Don’t set a goal on what I THINK I can do….it has to be OUTSIDE my comfort zone to inspire me….That’s where all growth takes place
  • Don’t base any goals on OUTSIDE circumstances
  • Give all my creative energy to the GOAL, not the plan!  The HOW will always show up; be flexible.
  • Ask myself, is this goal worthy of me: I’m trading my life for my goal, it must be worthy of me.
  • Ask myself: what do I really want??? Then take off the lid of reason, and tap into my imagination.

Bill Bartman:1. Make sure it’s MY goal, and not someone else’s2. Don’t call it a “Goal”….The average person misses their goals 70% of the time.   My mind just can’t “unknow” this!
Instead, call it a PROMISE to myself.   Most people keep their promises!!!   (I really like this one; it’s shifted some things for me, and I feel much more SURE of achieving my promises to myself!)
3. Clearly identify the PROMISE.4. Use all the tools around you: people, support, what motivates you..5. Create a “Promise Plan”:   

  • What it is I’m going to do
  • When am I going to do it
  • Where will I be when this happens
  • Why do I want this; what is my passion
  • Who; whose help do I need?
  • How am I going to do it?  I can’t know this from where I am right now!   I only have to know what I want to do, and why…the HOW will show up.

6. Review the plan and the promise regularly.  Focus on it for 20 minutes daily.   (If it’s that important to me, I’ll FIND 20 minutes)7. Pay attention to what I’m saying to myself…tell myself what I can do, who I am….not what I can’t do   (Manage my self talk)8. Tell other people my promises- have confidence to do that.  It increases the risk; yet most people want to help…  be able to articulate what I plan to do.9. Envision the results before hand.

10. Start- take inspired action.

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To purposeful action

Ron Finklestein



The Power of Intelligent Self-Interest

Intelligent Self-Interest (selfishness).  When we look at the meaning of the word “intelligent” when it was introduced into the English language, it simply meant “to understand.” 

When we talk about being selfish, and I define selfishness as intelligent self-interest, we are simply asking you to get clear on what is in your best interest. Stated another way, what is most important to you?

Why is getting clear so important? We have limited time, money, and resources and it is impossible to utilize these gifts wisely unless we know what we want to achieve; that is we are selfish in our use of these gifts. We have so many people asking us to spend our hard earned money, limited time and precious resources that it is impossible to know where to spend this time, money resources unless we understand what is in our best interest, our intelligent self-interest. 

Stated differently, I am asking you to be selfish about your time, money and resources so you can spend it moving forward on your intelligent self-interest.

Focus your time, energy and money on what you want to achieve and not on what some slick marketing message says is important. Then, when you get clear on your selfishness (intelligent self-interest), I want you to take inspired action toward your selfishness.

Henry Ford said it best: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”

Stay focused on your goals, your intelligent self-interest, your selfishness.

Take inspired action to move forward one step at a time, never losing sight of your intelligent self-interest.

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To your success,

  Ron Finklestein 

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