More Tools to Increase Your Productivity and Effectiveness

This is the second post on tools I use to increase my effectiveness.

Today I want to talk about and VEMMA. is a web interface if you need to process credit cards online. I have been using for many years without a single problem.

Their pricing structure varies depending on options: reoccurring payment, check processing via account clearing house (ACH) and a variety of other options.

To my knowledge they do not provide credit cards only the online interface.

The other product I use is VEMMA.

Vemma is a nutritional supplement that I take daily. I find I am feeling better. I tested this product out over several months and even flew to Arizona to visit with the company president. Before Vemma I was in a good deal of pain. This was from years of running and martial arts training. I just hurt.  After 30 days taking Vemma I notice the pain was gone. I stopped taking Vemma to see if the pain returned. It did. I started taking Vemma again to see if the pain stopped. It did. I know have my wife and some business associates taking it because of the overall benefits. If you take supplements or if you are concerned about taking the right supplements then check out Vemma. My productivity and effective has increase because I have more stamina and I am thinking clearer. Here is the link: VEMMA

One more product next week.

To your success,

Ron Finklestein