Why Are Certain People So Stupid?

Why Are Certain People So Stupid?


When you write several books, produce several videos for Youtube, and write blog posts like I do, you get some less than positive feedback in emails, voice mails and comments on my videos. That should be expected. Some would say that is the price you pay for being a public figure.


I actually had one person laugh at me when giving a speech. She later came up and said she was not laughing at the concept I presented but was not comfortable with the material and that is how she deals with being uncomfortable. That is cool!


At this same speech I had several people applaud this same concept.


Different strokes for different folks.


The people I am talking about hide behind technology. These email, phone calls and comments come from people who use fake email addresses, call using unlisted numbers and create user ids with false info.


I have been called ni—er, Mother F——, and other names that cannot be printed, nor should they be.


I must say I am not offended by these comments. I am saddened that people will not pick up the phone (my number is at the bottom of each blog post) and tell me about why they feel the way they do. I am open to feedback. Who knows it may cause me to revisit a certain position. I am a continuous learner and I welcome feedback. One of my favorite tools is www.ilearningglobal.tv. It is a powerful tool. There are video on this site that I do not agree with. I may call the author and ask for clarification or I may chose not to watch any more videos from this person, but I will never call them names because I disagree with their thoughts.     


So why am I getting these rather expressive and inventive communiqué from people who feel the need to tell me how I am not eligible for the human race and then proceed to hide behind technology?


In my latest book Nine principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective, I discuss concepts that I understand can be challenging to some people. In this book I ask people to get selfish with their time, energy and money so they can achieve their Intelligent Self-interest.


Because we are limited in time, energy and money, it is hard to achieve anything unless we get clear on what is important (our purpose or Intelligent self-Interest) and make decisions accordingly. When we do that a most amazing thing happens: we become selfless. From all my research, this selfishness leads to selflessness.


When this happens you get clear on what is important to you. You take action that leads to an specific outcome. When this happens, it is possible to positively impact hundreds, thousands or potentially millions of lives.


Let’s take an extreme example. Walt Disney has a specific Intelligent Self-interest. In his selfishness he wanted to totally control the experience of people from the moment they entered the movie theater to the time they left. He knew people needed an escape from the pressures of the real world. He was very selfish in making this dream happen. Every decision he made was designed to implement his Intelligent Self-Interest. Was it easy for him? No. He filed bankruptcy on two different occasions.


Through his selfishness he became very selfless. All his efforts led to the creation of an entertainment empire that employs thousands of people, a company that creates movies that millions have watched and theme parks that give people a time away from the realities of the real world. All because Walt Disney was selfish. He was focused on his Intelligent Self-interest.


On a personal note the wizard’s dual between Merlin and Mad Madam Mim is my favorite. I could not wait for my children to see The Sword and the Stone and watch this scene.


Why are people bothered by this concept of selfishness? I am sure there are thousands of reasons: my religion will not allow me to think this way, my family taught me to…, I means I have to make a decision about what is important, etc… It is ok to disagree but do not be stupid about it.  


If you do not like what I write you have two choices: Do not read my material or call me and tell me why I am wrong. We can have a discussion that could lead to meaning change. When I first developed this concept call Intelligent Self-Interest, I asked some friends and associates for feedback. Some could not agree and told me the only reason they read it was because they knew me. Others thought this was foolish and could not accept it because it was against their personal and religious beliefs and still others (a majority) felt free to make changes to pursue their dreams. Other made it their own and they teach it to others.  


One person walked away from a safe government job to pursue a job in sales. Another left the partner track in her accounting firm to raise a family, still others have started businesses, change careers and made other life affirming changes after reading this material. This material is not right for everyone.


Here is one of the videos that is causing gas, indigestion and that burning sensation for some people. It is about 10 minutes. Give it a watch and post your comments.



Either leave a youtube message or respond in the comment section of this blog post. I would love to hear your thought and feeling about this video.


So to my stacker out there, you are out of luck. I will pray for you and wish you the best but you will not change my mind, tactics or approach.


In Your Service,


Ron Finklestein


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