What do you do and Why your prospects care?

So let me ask, what do you do? If I asked you what you do, what would you tell me?

What do you do?

DefinitiveSalesFinal032513If you answered, “I am a financial planner,” or “I am an accountant,” or “I fix computers,” then you got it wrong. This is not what you do but how you do it.
People want to know what you do first before they want to know how you do it.

If you are a financial planner, here is what I would hope to hear: I help people make the right choices about their money? or I help them make wise money decisions?

People want to know what you do before they want to know how you do it.

I use financial planner as an example because I sat down with a financial planner a few years ago and this is where this question came from. I ask him “What do you do?” His answer: “I’m a financial planner.” And I’m thinking, “No, that’s not what you do it how you do it.”
I told him that “we are meeting because you obviously either want my money or you want an introduction to my client base, right? So tell me, what is it that you do that would give me a reason to give you my money or to introduce you to somebody?” I got blank look as an answer. I then asked him “Okay, let me ask you a question in a different way. What do your customers experience when they buy from you because that’s what you do?” He could not answer the question. I would have been hard pressed to purchase anything from him. He could not give me a reason why I should by from him.

Take six minutes and watch this video on why the answer to this question, “what do you do?” can make the difference between making a sales and leaving empty handed.

Ron Finklestein
Business Growth Facilitator
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Ron’s Top 10 Rules for Business Success

Ron’s 10 Rules for Business Success
1.   Get clear on what you want, make a decision to go for it, then take action.
2.   Stay focused on what you want.
3.   Surround yourself with people that will hold you accountable and tell you want you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
4.   Do the things that you are afraid to do or don’t want to do.
5.   Do not be afraid to ask for help you need it.
6.   Do not be afraid to fail. Failure is essential to success.
7.   Ask for what you want, and keep asking until you get it.
8.   Never stop learning.
9.   Figure out what works and keep doing it.
10. Do rules 1 through 9 again.

Ron Finklestein

Dr. Phil or Napoleon Hill! (or just schizophrenic)

I am starting to get develop an identity crisis. My client’s have started calling me the Dr. Phil of business coaching because of the tough love and my no excuse approach to business coaching. 


I recently published my fourth book called Nine Principles to Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective. A gentleman from New York read the book and called me up and he said “You are the new Napoleon Hill!” I was totally unprepared for his comments. 


I said: “Thank You. But want do you mean?” 


He started to going into details about my last book as he talked about how I took the materials in Think and Grow Rich to a whole new level. 


Needless to say, I am flattered. Who would not be flatter when being mentioned in the same sentence with Napoleon Hill and Dr. Phil. But let me be clear. I am only doing what I love: learning and sharing what I have learned. I do not what to confuse anyone, claim an identity that is not me or appear schizophrenic. I care deeply about my client’s success and I believe I need to stay ahead of them so I can continue to add value.  Some of the people who have impacted me the most, almost no one knows about. These are people who are my Business Mastery Advisory Board. Yes, I practice what I preach. Many of the concepts I write about hit my Advisory Board first, my client’s second and my blog third. 


The book Nine Principles for inspired Action took six years to research, test and write and it is the results of studying over 500 success small business owners (and many who were not successful). I chose small business because there has been much research done of very successful people but little that distills the behavior of the common man into action items that can be implemented immediately. The funny thing about this book is that it was never intended to be a book. I did this research for me and my clients, to help them and me be more successful. I want to continue to grow and prosper and get results. 


After I understood and distilled what I learned, I build several coaching programs to test drive these concepts. The results were powerful. So powerful that on one of my coaching programs I now offer a 100% guarantee. Simply put, if you do not recover the entire cost of the program I will refund the difference. I can do that because the clients who followed the process get results; those who did not follow the process do not get the results. All I did was formalize what they were already achieving in a measurable, repeatable and predictable way. 


My goal is to reach one million people with the concepts in this book. I am so passionate about this goal that I am giving away my methodology to any business coach, management consultant, small business owner or business executive that are looking for a way to get results, grow their business and generate more money. There is a catch though. You have to be trained in the process. The training is very affordably because I want interested parties to have some skin in the games so I know they are serious.


If you are someone who wants to achieve results, pick up the book. It is available on amazon.com. After you read the book, post your comments on Amazon so others can benefit from your efforts. I know some of the concepts in the book are controversial and will not be well received by some people. I am ok with that, because success, in today’s day and age requires us to think differently.


If you want to learn more about using my methodology in your business call me at 330-990-0788. I will answer any questions you have. 


Ron Finklestein

The Dr. Phil of Business Coaches or The Next Napoleon Hill, you choose





Shortening my Path to Success.

I recently completed an offsite with my Business Mastery Advisory Board. I think of this as shortening my path to success. 


We do these once a year with members who see the value in spending time working on their business to get ready for the next year, ask for help in clarifying issues that hold us back, solicit objective feedback on issues that are important to us and create deeper, more meaningful relationships. 


I am always reluctant to take 2 full days away, not including the prep time required, but after I attend one of these events, I see things so much clearer. I have 20 pages of notes and I recorded much of the weekend so others can listen to their working sessions. These recording are so powerful because we receive so much useful info it is impossible to take notes and capture everything. The recording allow us to review this info at a more leisurely pace so we can be total present and really hear what was said. 


These weekends are especially valuable because the people who attend typically play all out in providing feedback: the good, the bad, the ugly. All this is necessary to move forward in whatever our chosen endeavors.


I formed these Business Mastery Advisory Boards and participate in them because they are necessary. We are so close to ourselves that we cannot see our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possibilities with this feedback.


The principles that drive the Business Mastery Advisory Boards are documented in the book Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective. It is available on www.amazon.com. Since this book is just being released, my goal in attending the weekend retreat was to ask for help in how I can get these principles into the hands of over one million people. This is a big harry audacious goal I set because I have seen and experience the positive impact these principles had on me and my members of my boards. 


We spent almost two hours working on this and came up with 100 possible ideas. It is now my opportunity to filter through this content and figure out what will work. That is 100 more ideas then I had going into the weekend. If you do not think two hours is much time, try drinking from a fire hose; because that is what is was like. If you have not experienced six high powered thinkers, who see things differently, who are willing to share their knowledge for your benefit and success, with no hidden agenda, then you have missed something powerful. 


For the other members, we helped with strategy and business development issues, operational issues, family and life issues and launching a new business. Strategies were created, action items suggested, alliances formed, accountability partners created and results measured (we went back to last years’ accountability items to see what changed or was left unfinished). 


Because of privacy and confidential issues I will not share more. One of the rules is 100% confidentially. 


If you want to learn more about how a Business Mastery Advisory Board can help you grow, prosper and get results through purposeful action, give me a call.


Ron Finklestein




Learning from Failure

I coach many small business owners and they know what they need to do but they just are not doing the necessary action. 


The reason for not doing the work is simply: “I do not know how.” 


I find this to be a lazy reason from not doing something. When I ask them to commit they say I will try. LISTEN UP LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! There is no trying. There is only doing. In this economy we need action that leads to purposeful results, not action that leads to trying.


The client I am speaking of needs a clearly defined, measurable, repeatable and predictable sales process. She knows that, I know that, her advisory board knows that. After three months she has not even started.


She talks about quality of her product and the value her company provides but she cannot define either in a way that allows the customer to understand, in a way she can understand. If you cannot define it you cannot do it or achieve it – it is that simple. 


She does not have to know how to do it, all she as to do is start doing something. Building the kinds of processes I am talking about requires documenting what you do now. If you do not know what you are doing, make something up and start doing it. 


After you try it a few times, you begin to see what works and the types of questions you are being asked. Document them. When new objections are raised, document me the objection and the correct response. 


Begin learning from your mistakes. 


Success is nothing more the learning to fail forward. If you run your sales call one way and do not get the desired results, change it and try it again. Find out what works and document it so you can teach others. Being a success is not rocket science but it does require you to stop shooting from the hip. Plan your shot, take aim, become aware of the wind conditions, take a deep breath to get steady and pull the trigger. 


Ron Finklestein




500 Business Owners Have Spoken. They Told What They Did to Be Successful!

500 Business Owners Have Spoken. They Told What They Did to Be Successful! January 1, 2009 – Ron Finklestein, President of AKRIS INC, a Business Coaching and Consulting firm, and Robert Schepens, President of Champion Staffing, A Job Near Home.com and Drug Free Solutions NEO, have published a breakthrough book called

Nine Principles For Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective.
This is great news for new, home based business owners and small business owners who are struggling to grow prosper and get result.  Ron Finklestein and Robert Schepens conducted research on nearly 500 successful business owners and discovered the Nine Principles that are being effectively implemented by those owners on a daily basis. They also discovered that many do not know they are doing it! They are only aware that they are getting the results they want.

“It is amazing how each individual really focused on their intelligent self-interest and how that intelligent self-interest drives not only their behavior but also the behaviors of their employees, customers and business associates.” said Finklestein. Available wherever readers buy books and online at http://www.amazon.com for a cost of $14.95. ISBN 978-0-9760297-0-0 

Ron Finklestein is a small business success expert and has been doing business and technology coaching and consulting his entire career. In 2001, he devoted his full time efforts to AKRIS INC, a business and technology coaching and consulting firm. Since that time he has been involved with hundreds of small companies and helped them achieve success by teaching them the same principles documented in this book.
Robert Schepens is the owner of Champion Staffing, A Job Near Home.com and several other businesses. According to Robert: “We have discovered that owners of start-ups, established businesses and re-established businesses who achieve success have done so due to a clarity of focus in their visions. We believe we have found the fundamental principles that lead to increasing the odds of being successful, not just as a business owner, but as managers and people.”  Finklestein continues, “These principles are so powerful, we have created several products to drive these behaviors in our clients and we have been so successful in helping them achieve results that we now offer a 100% money back guarantee on our popular Business Mastery Advisory Board.” As a small business success expert, business and technology consultant, coach, speaker, and international author, Finklestein has written or coauthored three other books: The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery, 49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales and Celebrating Success! Fourteen Ways to Create a Successful Company.

Finklestein is available as a trainer, coach and consultant for your business needs. He can be reached at 330-990-0788 or ron@akris.net.  Finklestein is a lifelong resident of Akron, Ohio. Finklestein attended the University of Akron and Malone College. Robert Schepens is an entrepreneur, and former president of several business trade associations. His companies have achieved: ISO 9001:2000 Certification, multiple Weatherhead 100 Awards for Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in Northeast Ohio, The First Staffing Service in Ohio to Achieve Level II Drug Free Workplace Certification by the Ohio BWC, multiple NorthCoast 99 “Best Companies to Work for in Northeast Ohio” Awards, Northeast Ohio Business Success Award and “Top 10 Most Dependable Staffing Firms in the Central USA” Award (Fortune Magazine 2008). He is the Host of “Entrepreneur to entrepreneur”, “Innovation Northeast Ohio” and “People Making A Difference in Northeast Ohio”, video channels on A Job Near Home.com which can also be found on You Tube and iTunes. Robert is a graduate of Valparaiso University, Christ College, and attended Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University. For quantity purchases or how to implement these principles in your business please contact Ron Finklestein with any questions. Contact:
Ron Finklestein

Robert Schepens