Tools to Improve Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity

Improve Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity

Today I want to write about something different:Tools I used within my own business, that are effective for me. Tools I have shared with my clients.

I do this because there are so many tools and many are effective and many are not. I hope to shorten your learning curve and help you increase your effectiveness and productivity.

Here we go.

EverNote: Evernote is a tool to capture data and information and organization it in a way useful to you. I have not used it long but what I really like is that it runs on all the platforms I use (ipad, PC and android). When I enter some data or action item it syncs with the other platforms. This allows me to stop worrying about what tool I am using that day. The info is on all platforms. I take notes with my clients using my ipad and I access the info from my phone when my ipad is not with me. I can also access it on my PC when I have lots of work to do. The investment is free (with some minor limitations – otherwise $45/year.) Well worth the time to check this out:

World Ventures: I have been involved with World Ventures for several months. World Ventures is a travel/vacation web site with some of the best prices on the web. I subscribe to this for three reasons:
1. I want to travel more and I need to make travel a priority
2. I do business travel and I get paid when I make my reservation through my web portal You get your own web portal when you sign up.
3. My clients get stressed from running a business. I will send them dream trips so they can get away. We sometimes get too involved in our business and we need time away. These dream trip vacations are priced are really low. If you are looking for a business this could be the one.

(NOTE: this is one of the businesses I expect to be involved in after I retire to stay young.) Call me if you have questions. My contact info is below. It is a membership site and costs do very depending on your options. Check it out or book your travel here:

What I am finding it that business owners are making the investment in the site to help offset travel expenses for business travel and making the dream vacation portal available to employees to improve employee morale.

The next post will cover some additional tools.

Your Business Coach
Ron Finklestein