Top 10 Business Issues for Business Owners

Are These Your Top 10?
According to Grant Thornton, today’s business owners have the following needs.
Top 10 Business issues for Business Owners  

Strengthening customer relationships   97%
Finding Good People     89%
Minimizing taxes     81%
Growing the business     73%
Keeping pace with technology    68%
Managing cash flow     66%
Current business climate    65%
Creating & executing strategy    62%
Retirement & business succession planning  56%
Finding expansion capital    50%

Every business owner I talked and who have engaged RPF GROUP INC services have at least five of these issues they are dealing with. The two I am finding the least interest in right now are succession planning and finding capital. I am sure they are issues but not for my client, at least not right now.

The top two I am seeing are creating and executing strategy and strengthening customer relationships. For most of the business owners I am talking with, these two go hand in hand. They are asking two key questions: why are you buying from me and why do you keep buying from me.

As a result of the answers they are getting they are revamping their strategy.

Call me and ask how I can help you with all of these 10. 

Ron Finklestein


  1. Top ten lists are great. I did market research recently with entrepreneurs/ small business owners and found similar results….while my stats are a little loser, the top issues were attracting clients, growing the business (removing obtacles to grow) and managing $ flow. Finding and keeping good talent was also up there.

  2. I highly recommend these ten top issues everyone applies to my company, I have been working for a very long time at what I do, with just viewing these ten top issues has open some windows in my minds, exspecially removing obtacles to grow , finding and keeping good people and by all means, a good managing cash flow. All the ones not mentioned are just as important. This is great for all business (s). I really want to learn more. Thank you for careing.

  3. Thanks Gigi. I appreciate your comments.